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Shri Sureshdada Jain is a renowned personality of Maharashtra. Dada, as he is fondly called, has been tirelessly working for the last four decades to bring about a transformational change in the field of politics, education, social harmony, health including culture and holistic development, etc. He has been elected for a record of nine consecutive times to the Maharashtra Assembly from Jalgaon, which speaks volumes of his sustained popularity and thirst for serving the people whom he represents. He is a man with abundant energy and is earnest in his commitment to serve the common man. He inherited this commitment to public service from his parents. This attitude of service to society has always been a part of his DNA, as his eminent father who was already a public leader, was a role model for him. He is a leader par excellence having led various institutions. He has always been ahead of his peers in transformational initiatives which has resulted in social harmony and peace along with development and progress in the local region. Thus his entire life has been dedicated to selfless public service.

In 2008, in discussions with a well-wisher Dr. Redasani, an idea was born to provide scholarship in a structured manner to a large number of economically challenged and intelligent students from Jalgaon district for their higher education. This initiative led to the formation of ‘Suresh Dada Scheme for Educational and Entrepreneurial Development’ i.e. SD-SEED. This scheme is implemented under ‘Pitashree Bhikamchand Jain Foundation.’

It has always been Dada’s ardent desire that all citizens of the district are literate, as this would lead to overall development of the individual and the district. Dada has always been a leader in conceptualizing path breaking education programs in the district.

Subsequently, this scheme was further institutionalized as a result of brain storming with social entrepreneur Shri Shantilal Muttha of Pune. The formation of SD-SEED is a step in this direction towards providing an all-round educational package to the beneficiaries.

Keeping this belief in mind, SD-SEED promotes the need for education among all students of Jalgaon District irrespective of castes, creed, religion and race from Std. 8th and above.

Vision of SD-SEED is:

“To seed talented students for successfully acquiring entrepreneurial skills and enhanced employability at global level.”

Mission of SD-SEED is:

  • To provide opportunities to all deserving students to participate in India of the 21st century
  • To spread educational awareness among all stakeholders
  • To financially support eligible students for accomplishing their educational goals and occupational aspirations
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive package of initiatives resulting in empowerment for stakeholders
  • To make the program self-sustainable so that more and more students can benefit

SD-SEED is steered under the able guidance of Smt. Ratna Suresh Jain as Chairperson. The dynamic leadership of Ms. Meenakshi Jain as Executive President and whole hearted commitment of all office-bearers, well-wishers and volunteers, which is the driving force behind the pioneering success of the Organization.


The flagship program of SD-SEED is the ‘Matoshri Premabai Jain Higher Education Scholarship’. This scheme awarded Scholarship ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 25000 annually to the economically challenged and intellectual students from Std. 10 and above grade from Jalgaon district. Since 2008, over 12,500 students have benefitted from this Scholarship financially and 3000 students have successfully completed their educational goal.

Organisation Structure | Trustees | Governing Board & Advisory Committee | Taluka Co-ordinators